The Big Leap S01E10 — Swan Song

Season 01 Episode 10 — Swan Song
With only two days to go until the big finale, the cast preps for their final performance. Nick must make the hard decision of following his brain or his heart, and Julia is stuck in a tough position when Kevin tries to win her back. Meanwhile, Justin and Simon try to navigate a new challenge in their relationship and Brittney works on standing up to her mom.

All New Traffic Cops S10E02 It Could Be You HDTV H264-RBB

Season 10 Episode 02 — It Could Be You
An 18-year-old girl’s life-threatening collision with a tree brings home the dangerous reality of driving after just passing your test. In Hertfordshire, the traffic cops go `back to school’ to teach students how to avoid the same thing happening to them. Meanwhile, a gravely injured cyclist is found on a dark dual carriageway, it looks like a case of hit and run.

Murdertown S03E10 — Whitby

Season 03 Episode 10 — Whitby
In April 2012, Dawn and George Kibble visited the flat of Dawn’s sister Julie Davison, concerned for her wellbeing after repeated phone calls went unanswered. On arrival, they found Julie’s lifeless body on the blood-stained floor of her kitchen. She’d been attacked, stabbed multiple times, and left for dead.

Modern Marvels S22E01 — Classic Toys

Season 22 Episode 01 — Classic Toys
Adam’s not playing around, he’s working hard to find out how some toys transform into valuable collectibles and become iconic classics. Adam gets VIP access to see how Play-Doh is created, and how every can gets that amazing smell. Plus, he visits the mecca of pinball manufacturing to see how their pinball machines have outlasted the competition and even the law!