Truth Seekers S01 WEBRip x265-ION265

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A team of part-time paranormal investigators use homemade gizmos to track the supernatural, sharing their adventures online. As their haunted stake outs become more terrifying they begin to uncover an unimaginable, apocalyptic conspiracy.

Truth Seekers S01 WEBRip x265-ION265

S01E01 The Haunting of Connelly’s Nook (192.12 MB)

S01E02 The Watcher on the Water (218.61 MB)

S01E03 The Girl with All the Ghosts (199.48 MB)

S01E04 The Incident at CovColCosCon (165.95 MB)

S01E05 The Ghost of the Beast of Bodmin (168.28 MB)

S01E06 The Revenge of the Chichester Widow (187.72 MB)

S01E07 The Hinckley Boy (175.40 MB)

S01E08 The Shadow of the Moon (179.05 MB)

Updated: November 4, 2021 — 7:22 pm